Sheridan Bowles Solicitors offer FREE legal advice and assistance at the police station.


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Criminal Law

Sheridan Bowles specialises in criminal defence work and covers a complete range of matters from the Police Station through to the Magistrates Court and Crown Court. We also provide advice on all motoring offences and private prosecutions by organisations such as the DWP, the RSPCA, HMRC and the Probation Service.

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Client Care

We offer the same high standard of care to both publicly funded and private clients. Continuity and quality of client care is of paramount importance to Sheridan Bowles and we can assure our clients of a dedicated and professional service.

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Motoring Offences

We offer private services to those who have been summoned to appear for motoring offences:

  • Guilty plea: £300 plus VAT
  • Special reasons hearing: £500 plus VAT
  • Exceptional hardship: £500 plus VAT
  • Trial: £1,000 plus VAT

All fees include consultation, preparation and advocacy to completion.

Legal Aid

Legal Funding

We hold a current criminal contract with the Legal Aid Agency and are able to provide legal advice and assistance funded by legal aid, subject to a legal aid order being granted.

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Our team specialise in criminal law and road traffic offences.

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